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Detalhes Técnicos

Comprimento do circuito:2,5 km

Largura da pista:11 mt


Comprimento máximo em linha reta:710 mt

Dirigindo Ferrari, Lamborghini e Fórmula em Magione
  • Magione

Our Magione Track Driving Experience

The Magione racetrack is definitely the home of driving and engines enthusiasts in central Italy. The track is located near Perugia and Lake Trasimeno in a pleasant environment from the point of view of the landscape.
Magione is a medium-small circuit but with its 2507 meters of development provides a wide range of types of curves and therefore it is certainly considered a technical circuit on which it is possible to drive our single-seater cars, such as the fast Puresport F1, Formula 3 and Formula 2000, or the prestigious GranTurismo Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini: adrenaline and fun at its pure state!
After having crossed the starting straight line, the curve of the Trellis is first tackled, it is a long hairpin bend on the right from the second which seems to never end, third, fourth and then decisive braking and two gears climbed for the old box hairpin.
Acceleration, third then left and then right for entry and hairpin that you travel in first gear. Small stretch and second gear to face the curve of the wall that leads to the long straight opposite the box.
With the F3 you pass the 220 km / h to go down again to about 130 km / h for the curve that is faced in third gear keeping it until the curve Monte Sperello where it triggers the second that will serve for the final part of the track.
Here is a game of balance to optimize the numerous changes of direction without ever penalizing the speed of travel and bring a good exit speed on the straight of the finish line.
So Magione offers a good mix of short-rope curves and long-rope bends, a double fast corner to be connected and a series of changes of direction where the ideal trajectory does not exist, but only the best compromise. A technical gym to enjoy lap after lap.


  • Payments warranty 21 years of activity on the best italian racetracks
  • Exclusivity of the Monza, Cremona and Vairano (Quattroruote) racetracks
  • Guaranteed date and track except for extenuating circumstances
  • Sport circulation onlyand not a tourist one
  • Free date change until 30 days before the event
  • Qualified instructors, all of them in possession of a CSAI official sport driving license, and a gained long-standing experience in races.
  • Customer care, efficient, immediate – no waiting times or outstanding answers
  • Voucher duration extensionof 3 more months in case of an event’s cancellation
  • Puresport exclusive events only, no track days, no bad surprises or traffic on the track, never!
  • Best quality / price ratio
Only Exclusive racetracks
Never more than 12 cars on the racetrack. If not, we will refund the cost of your experience.
Exclusive racetracks involves higher costs than Track Days, but driving in a controlled, non-cluttered environment is priceless, as well as safety.


a hora de convocação a pista é enviado via Email aos participantes 10 dias antes do evento com o endereço do circuito e documentos necessários para participar da experiência.


Experiência GT leva cerca de 2/3 hora, incluindo o registo, briefings, passeio de reconhecimento no ônibus, e entrega de certificados. Enquanto que a experiência Fórmula dura todo o dia (almoço leve incluído) Experiência Formula dura todo o dia (almoço leve incluído)


vídeo do câmera car, para quem comprá-lo, será enviado dentro de 2 semanas após o evento através de um link de download.

Escola de corrida com cursos de pilotagem em pista de corrida em Fórmula, Ferraris, Lamborghinis e Porsches. Presente original, eventos corporativos e formação de equipes. code
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